100wc Gamer trouble :Game on!

…I plugged the game into a PowerPoint and my T.V., and it turned on that’s not a surprise. On the screen it said ‘do you want to join the game server,’ YES I clicked insentiently. Then all power turned off, the console started to glow lighter and lighter until everything was so bright I had to close my eyes… I finally opened my eyes. I was not in my home anymore I was in grassy place I heard someone say “They never should have said yes,” I guess I wasn’t the only one so I hurried over to the voices…

100wc Gamer trouble :The new game

Hi I’m Lucas and I’m going to tell you the strange game I finished this story is going to be different from most story’s……. I got out of  bed and slowly worked to the male box to find a mysteries package if you didn’t no I’m a famous gaming YouTuber, and for some reason there’s a hay bale at my next to my post box and there’s a pirsome in it! “These people?” I said out loud. I went back inside. I was anticipation to see what was in this box… …It was some kind of  weird game and consol…

100wc The Wacky Adventurer: The Bones

…The sandy desert was supposed to be foll of life at night, but the desert was silent but then gradually, things started to move, it was one bit of sand then two then we were surrounded by moving bones. they were skeletal monsters, one of them said snarling “Why… …are… …you… …here…” Cequa replied “were here for an adventurer.” The monster ended the conversation with a sneer “We… …will… …let… …you… …go…” We were free, so they continued on. It felt like they traveled a kilometre wen they set up camp, It was cold but at lest they were safe…

100wc The Adventurer bear: the first wonder

A little bear could Bearzooka left his broken cave to explore he waked to the end of a giant cliff. He hired the ice cracked and he jumped and jumped so much that the ice starred to crack even more. When his parents came back it was to late the ice broke near his little pours but he still fell down and down he went. He landed on the floating ice, he drifted slowly and very far away. Bearzooka was reverberating to death wen he finally found a massive island though he couldn’t swim very well so he thought not…

100wc The grate storm: The grate eye 2

I The grate eye jumped onto the girl backyard, she rushed out as he said in his deep voice, “Its a very ruff storm isn’t it.” “You came back,” she said “Yes, I’m not the only one you freed you accidentally freed an army of strange animals,” “Come and ill show you,” “OK but cod you call me Anney.” Anney and I went into the bosh as we disappeared into the night. The wind howd as we went further into the bosh then we sore a giant made out of clouds in the center of the storm. “Rooor!” it bailed.

100wc The grate eye

For millions of years the grate and powerful monster was sound asleep in the night sky, until humans appeared with there pollution. The grate monster stared as he cod not cum down. One night someone saw him and asked if she could have some food so he gave her ten cows. She thanked him and said she would come back one night. When she did he was free.  The monster didn’t like being called the great monster so he was renamed the Great Eye. He told the girl that he would see her one day in the future and he did!

I luigi

I Luigi, my friends and my brother wanted to relax so we went all the way down to the beach because we got a ticket to cloudy beach, we took no notice of the sign and that’s when the bad things started to happen. the sky grow darker and the clouds stated to spin, around and around went the clouds. “We fell into a trap!” I shouted as some ghosts whooshed out of the clouds, like I’d expected. “Ee ee ee ee ee,” squealed a monster like boo, a boo is like a ghost but more dangerous and addicted to catching us. I was happy that I bring my poltergeist G-00. But I know it wasn’t enough, then everything went black…

100wc sick figer vershen

1 You are in trouble because there’s a gang of bullies. What do you do, fight 2, run 4?

2 You choose to fight bang, kapaw, bang you beat the bullies, your speechless wen they show you there boss he said. “you look like a ant to me.” you get angry but then you heard sum thing it was a girl. “but where did it go?” she shouted. what do you do, fight 3, run 4?

3 You choose to fight again you are brave as a lien reedy to fight, bang, bang, bang, bang, the boss flats you like an pancake owe!

4 you choose to run wen you get home you have eggs.(:])


One day you wunderd doun the street, as you warcing by the grate shopping center. As your were running to your favorite shop you stopped in your tracks, something or someone holding on to your shoulder. It was a snake plushy. You pot it back on its shelf, you looked in like an owl watching over its pray. You saw the giganta plushy only $99.99 you had $99.99, you gave them the muny, they gave you the plushy. You herd someone saying. “It was heaver then I expected?” Then you went back to your home, and had a happy day wail playing.


“I warned you that a yellow ghost bicycle is cumming its cumming!” said a stranger as he screamed of. I scared of nothing. I thorte as I greedily wounded were the person came from. the wind was wislaing in my ear as smoke apird in thin-ear