As Alix and I crept in to the overgrown glowing cave I herd the splashing of a stream. We creped down further into the cave until the cave lead into a missive cave with a lake in the middle. “So pretty!” said Alix in joy. But as said that she ran to the water faster then a speeding bunny and then jumping. I ran after her but she was gone suddenly the water filled with color and Alix went fling into the are exhausted and breathing hard, she simple raised her fists and smiled. the water was filled with animals

100WC MINECRAFT INTO THE CAVES: the lush cave’s entrance

“Hey Steve,” Alix said as she wondered into my house. “I found a weird cave under an Azalea tree,” Alix continued “Lets go and explore it,” Alix finished “YES, BUT STOP TALKING!” I shouted. Our journey felt only like a few minutes. When we got there the cave was glowing but it was turning dark. I knew we should build an easy small shelter but I had to see what was inside. “Alix,” I said “We should go inside,” Alix was stunned to hear that; but I saw her stunned face turn into a marvelous grin. “Lets go!” she said…

100wc the book maker

The shadows of wonder stuck in this sort of box it was moonlit, in sight the shadows lead to the start of the wonder me, looking for something to do that’s were I saw it, a book, it was the answer to all my problems, horror, excitement an the thrill of an adventure. The scientist cloning failed dinosaurs, hybrids roaming around a giant dragon-snake in control. The mane character a boy that’s in year 7 going to school when he arrives an explosion happens that’s all I’m going to say .I’v got one question, what do you want in the book?

100wc The Wacky Adventurer: the small adventurer

…”So lets go there,” said Ko-co “Why,” says Tomoko “so we can ha an adventurer, doesn’t Ko-co seem excited, lets pack frozen striped water sum rubber shoes…” says Cequa foll of hope “OK, just once,” agreed Tomoko harf haeale “… will be there by twilight lets go!” continued Cequa. Later are heroes began their journey they past trees of all culers, Medamofy, other wacky creches a rock formation or two and a then the tree of life next to the bone of death, of course they chose the tree of life. By twilight they arrived at the very hot sandy desert…

100wc The Wacky Adventurer: the only fans

Tomoko moped all the way to his crowd of yellow four, Ko-co who for some reason eating a cacti and a smelly zebra, Tome, Kuwa and Cequa who was holding a yellow umbrella, his only friends left, the others wen to Netton. Tomoko was about to make a joke but there was no point to do it so he just sat down and chatted with his friends who were not filing contented. “Wear did you find those?” Tomoko said to Ko-co “The savanna market.” “Cacti don’t grow in a savanna,” Tomoko replied “They don’t?” “They grow in the hot desert.”…

100wc hunter of the isle: the anger of one man

The best roared of pane, still I pushed my heavy iron blade further throw it’s eye. My gang stopped ruining away  and ran to wards the best. We slashed and smashed the weird best until it roared its last roared. “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” said a scrawny little man “My upgraded best!”. He looked towards us and said in the creepy voice, “YOU WILL PAY WITH YOUR LIFE!” “With what,” I said “WITH MY ARMY HA HA,” he said “what army?” said Jimmy-Jo smirking “THIS ONE!” he said snapped his grubby fingers nothing happened but wen I looked behind me we wear surrounded…

100wc The Wacky Adventurer: start

Tomoko the town jokester was joking around, etch day his crowd grew smaller and the new town jokester Netton grew bigger. ow story begins with Tomoko watching Netton, he was ruining very swiftly and then he slammed into a post, then the crowd erupted with laughter. Tomoko new he shouldn’t do that. Tomoko gave Netton angry look and Netton gave back a crude smile Tomoko just took a deep breath and head down slowly walked home. it was cold with a small breeze of snow. Tomoko looked blue and felt blue he was having a very, very, very bad day.

100wc hunter of the isle: the run

Eight fifty, we ran, that’s it we just ran out and into the forest we are not some superheroes we’re just ordinary people, so we ran and didn’t look back, we kept on running until we hit metal. We were wondering what happened but then it began… Nine two, we knew not to be here because nocturnal creatures roamed the forest. First we heard the mechanic roar. Second we smelt hot iron. Third we saw its deep blue glowing eyes. We were going to run again but something was bugging me so I thrust my blade into the beasts eye…

100WC The hunter of the isle: the unsettling truth

Eight thirty-two, the dark oak wooden stares screeched in the gloomy night the building was dilapidated and me and the guys were shivering, but it was a worm night. The stares seemed to go for ever they didn’t stop… Then we sore some one with ripped cloves stuck in a cage I could tell something strange was happening the boy started growing scales and grow bigger and then I saw it, “its a animal factory!” I shouted at the top of my lungs, “so someone has found out good job, but you want escape it this time you will became one of them ha!” shouted the known.