100WC The hunter of the isle: the unsettling truth

Eight thirty-two, the dark oak wooden stares screeched in the gloomy night the building was dilapidated and me and the guys were shivering, but it was a worm night. The stares seemed to go for ever they didn’t stop… Then we sore some one with ripped cloves stuck in a cage I could tell something strange was happening the boy started growing scales and grow bigger and then I saw it, “its a animal factory!” I shouted at the top of my lungs, “so someone has found out good job, but you want escape it this time you will became one of them ha!” shouted the known.

One thought on “100WC The hunter of the isle: the unsettling truth

  1. pretty great story charlie but i have two wishes first one some spelling errors
    2nd it didn’t make sense when the boy started to grow scales i’m really interested in that how did he get scales please replies and tell me how the boy turns into the monster

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