100WC The hunter of the isle: Geared’s story

Seven thirty-one, “Hay I found an elephant man I the street and he gave us a mission!” Geared said cheekily “Therese no such thing as an elephant man!” Jay bickered “Please don’t bicker guys, so what did he say.” Jordan said “So,” he began “I was walking down the street and I asked him what was his name and then the elephant deviled his speech, my name is elephant man,” Geared said in a deep voice, “I herd you needed a quest, come to my house on the fare side of the forest at eight thirty-three in the dark basement…”

2 thoughts on “100WC The hunter of the isle: Geared’s story

  1. Hi Charlie,
    At first, I thought Geared was the elephant man, but now I’m pretty sure he was just imitating what he had said in his speech. Is that right? Maybe you could read back over your writing to see if you could make that a bit clearer?
    I’m actually quite curious about the quest that the elephant man was going to tell everyone about. It sounds very mysterious!
    Michelle, Team 100wc,
    Melbourne, Australia

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