100WC The hunter of the isle

Day one,

Six Forty-One am, Got onto the impeccable island and a farmer told me that he would give me thirty grand for slaying a herd of dung bombers they are the size of a melon and stink like a pile of rotten fish, No-wounder the plants won’t grow. Five Thirty pm, the gang got a two hundred grand mission, apparently a lighthearted town near by had bean demolish by a giant best. Seven Forty-Five pm, we were going to charge it until we saw its size it was as toll as a skyscraper it saw us and that’s when I knew I should run…

One thought on “100WC The hunter of the isle

  1. Great descriptions, Charlie! Nice action story. Just one thing: the adjective ‘light-hearted’ doesn’t work here with the description of the town.

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