100wc Ice monster

Jerald was driving along the snow north poll in his new car. Jerald was going to jump for joy because he was going to work for the first time. Screech screed the car as the engage smoked. “Oh no whats happening?” Jerald thought. Swiftly, Jerald sneak out of the car to see what was wrong. Something was throwing Ice cold snow and Jerald could hear a deep growl. The deep growl stop… Jerald was living on the ground stunned. After a minute Jerald was being dragged, the animal deviously went home. The kind man wood never see his family again…

100WC The hunter of the isle: Geared’s story

Seven thirty-one, “Hay I found an elephant man I the street and he gave us a mission!” Geared said cheekily “Therese no such thing as an elephant man!” Jay bickered “Please don’t bicker guys, so what did he say.” Jordan said “So,” he began “I was walking down the street and I asked him what was his name and then the elephant deviled his speech, my name is elephant man,” Geared said in a deep voice, “I herd you needed a quest, come to my house on the fare side of the forest at eight thirty-three in the dark basement…”

100WC The hunter of the isle: the viola???

Day One/Two,

Seven Fifty-One pm, I no we were ruining at the speed of light wen Ruby mic stare face trip over a lush green tree rout. We helped ruby mic stare face up and ran to the meager city the beast was not casing us any more we were so lighthearted. Six forty-three am, I got a quest to hunt a queen Dung bomber it was the size of a cart. Seven twenty-seven, we talked at base, apparently they searched for a lost ancient gold viola but they thought it was a statue of them instead of an instrument!

100WC The hunter of the isle

Day one,

Six Forty-One am, Got onto the impeccable island and a farmer told me that he would give me thirty grand for slaying a herd of dung bombers they are the size of a melon and stink like a pile of rotten fish, No-wounder the plants won’t grow. Five Thirty pm, the gang got a two hundred grand mission, apparently a lighthearted town near by had bean demolish by a giant best. Seven Forty-Five pm, we were going to charge it until we saw its size it was as toll as a skyscraper it saw us and that’s when I knew I should run…