100wc The grate eye

For millions of years the grate and powerful monster was sound asleep in the night sky, until humans appeared with there pollution. The grate monster stared as he cod not cum down. One night someone saw him and asked if she could have some food so he gave her ten cows. She thanked him and said she would come back one night. When she did he was free.  The monster didn’t like being called the great monster so he was renamed the Great Eye. He told the girl that he would see her one day in the future and he did!

3 thoughts on “100wc The grate eye

  1. i read your story and i loved it
    theirs some mistakes let me put them out: speech and spelling errors that’s all
    and i loved that cliff hanger if you could can you make a sequel to it from your bbf dj bruce

  2. How interesting, Charlie! Your story felt like a Dreamtime story, or like a fairy tale in which values are being taught. Here, I would think one of the values being taught could be kindness: the monster was kind to the girl who repaid his kindness by keeping to his promise and thereby freeing him.

    I wonder what will happen next between the girl and The Great Eye.

    Keep up the great work!

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