…”We had to go quickly before I get arrested also you should call me TGE because its easier to say,” The great eye said as he jumped onto a mountain. It was a cold day already but the snow rose higher and higher and it was actually moving higher and higher quickly its mouth was pointy, its talons were sharp and its eyes wear bloodshot but most of all there was red snow instead of its normal snow. “TGE its looks like its fifty times your size,” said Anney anxiously. “also,” she continued ” There’s blood everywhere, will it kill me”…

100wc The great screams : The great eye 3

Anney was tongue-tied as she sterd at the gigantic monster of clouds “what is that?” she said “its the monster of the clouds, Cyclonic,” the great eye replied. Two people were swaggering by until they saw the giant creatures. The deafening screams echoed through the cold night. One of them pulled out there phone “Calling for back up there are  monsters, I repeat monsters!” Cyclonic pikt them up and ate them. then it created two cloud monsters, “A soul for  a soul,” The great eye mumbled. then the police tend up “sargent 51 and 52,” they called hopelessly, Cyclonic laughed loudly…

100wc The grate storm: The grate eye 2

I The grate eye jumped onto the girl backyard, she rushed out as he said in his deep voice, “Its a very ruff storm isn’t it.” “You came back,” she said “Yes, I’m not the only one you freed you accidentally freed an army of strange animals,” “Come and ill show you,” “OK but cod you call me Anney.” Anney and I went into the bosh as we disappeared into the night. The wind howd as we went further into the bosh then we sore a giant made out of clouds in the center of the storm. “Rooor!” it bailed.

100wc The grate eye

For millions of years the grate and powerful monster was sound asleep in the night sky, until humans appeared with there pollution. The grate monster stared as he cod not cum down. One night someone saw him and asked if she could have some food so he gave her ten cows. She thanked him and said she would come back one night. When she did he was free.  The monster didn’t like being called the great monster so he was renamed the Great Eye. He told the girl that he would see her one day in the future and he did!