100WC haunted grass

“Ahhhhh!” I herd very far in the distance. I knew there was something in the long grass. “Ahhhh “and” help me!” I herd over and over, it started to make my eyes tearing up. Just then I sow the grass rustle, up a head. I crawled to peek out of the grass that wen I sore a kid around my age. He was bleeding. “was this really the only person other than me,” I thought. At that moment the grass rustled then tails popped out of the grass ,swoosh, the kid was gone and blood went in to the grass and then the tails vanished ……………………..

100wc dear diary

Dear diary there’s been bad news like I barely made it home. I’m gonna secretly give you this news that happened today, I was walking down to the cleft edge to see the sunrise, but then I heard a little kid, “I’m trying to hold on,” he shouted. “But no-one is here,” I replied, by then I replied what happened so I reached for him when I saw him he was no more then a ghost. I realised it was a big mistake, I was launched of the cleft edge. zooming through air I splashed into the sea, I’m alive.

The Never-Ending Desert

I was in a gaunt desert with my giraffe kneeling at my feat. We had to keep on walking through the painful dust, nothing was in my path but all the sand and dust, nothing could keep us down except for everything! Now this was bad since we had no food and no water did you have water when you cod help? Well we didn’t as we walked across the devouring hot sand! I no this will sound crazy but I sore a Dragon and Phoenix fighting I fooled on my giraffe for research then crazy winds blow me hire.

Luigi in rill life

One day I was playing Luigi mention three I was on the final boss king boo, and then out of nowhere a bright light started everything went black, when I woke up I was Luigi in a knight costume. I was confused, this was way weirder then what I was meant to be doing, I was meant to be at home playing video games but now I’m in another dimension and now their creepy things like the cricking doorbell. What is that doing here in a mansion? I hope I won’t see any ghosts, boos or him! Please help me!

I luigi

I Luigi, my friends and my brother wanted to relax so we went all the way down to the beach because we got a ticket to cloudy beach, we took no notice of the sign and that’s when the bad things started to happen. the sky grow darker and the clouds stated to spin, around and around went the clouds. “We fell into a trap!” I shouted as some ghosts whooshed out of the clouds, like I’d expected. “Ee ee ee ee ee,” squealed a monster like boo, a boo is like a ghost but more dangerous and addicted to catching us. I was happy that I bring my poltergeist G-00. But I know it wasn’t enough, then everything went black…