100wc sick figer vershen

1 You are in trouble because there’s a gang of bullies. What do you do, fight 2, run 4?

2 You choose to fight bang, kapaw, bang you beat the bullies, your speechless wen they show you there boss he said. “you look like a ant to me.” you get angry but then you heard sum thing it was a girl. “but where did it go?” she shouted. what do you do, fight 3, run 4?

3 You choose to fight again you are brave as a lien reedy to fight, bang, bang, bang, bang, the boss flats you like an pancake owe!

4 you choose to run wen you get home you have eggs.(:])


One day you wunderd doun the street, as you warcing by the grate shopping center. As your were running to your favorite shop you stopped in your tracks, something or someone holding on to your shoulder. It was a snake plushy. You pot it back on its shelf, you looked in like an owl watching over its pray. You saw the giganta plushy only $99.99 you had $99.99, you gave them the muny, they gave you the plushy. You herd someone saying. “It was heaver then I expected?” Then you went back to your home, and had a happy day wail playing.