“I warned you that a yellow ghost bicycle is cumming its cumming!” said a stranger as he screamed of. I scared of nothing. I thorte as I greedily wounded were the person came from. the wind was wislaing in my ear as smoke apird in thin-ear


“The cat wars is starting.” Said the umpire. “Get the cats to there stanchions.” I pout my camera on my feline. “GO.” Shouted the umpire. My feline clammed a tree as son as it started. The champion cat-borg zoomed in to the middle as farst as the speed of sound. Then everything stopped and my feline and I had are chance. Kaboom went the cat-borg as my feline smashed into it then bang bang bang went the cats. Then evre thing started agen. We jumped as to cats charged at me then bang went the cats. “We wun” I shouted.


“stop right there!” “why?” “buy a slave.” “no!” “what, you need a slave.” “you are cruel!” “no slaves are what we can control” “we are all people and we sod teat others the awe you wont to be…” “controlled.” “no!” “then what.” “the way you wont to be treed!” “your dumb.” “no I’m not!” “yes you are.” “stop hurting people!” “I’m going to in slave you!” “I will give you 10’000 doles if you free them!” “10’000 doles??¿¿” “yes.” “dill!” “sake a cloth on it.” ” YES YES I’M GOING TO BE A THOUSAND ERE!!” “all of you are free, hire have food.”

100WC mythical creatures

Purple Elephant!!!!!” Screamed the man down the street. He always said that if he sore a chicken-heeded spider. See in my world we always see mythical creatures are nominal creatures I have a pet  manticore he is just a big big softy his like a cat with mice but with a sea serpent meat/bones/skin. “roooor!” “not again, can you get your dragon awe now!” sorry my neighbor has a out of control dragon, and she feeds it avocado and seahorses, avocado and seahorses. I wont sum peace and quiet a lot off the time because it is loud.