dire of a snap-pee: the tropical island

we were working for days until we worked of a cliff. “AHHHHHHH!” I said as we fell in to water, splash …………………. Wen we woke up we found are sieves on a tropical¬†island, not gust that there were cats, millions of them. I no we shod be quiet but we being quietly “ahhh!”¬† peashooter said “mmmeeeooowww!!!” the turquoise cat screamed “run!” I shouted as we sped away. Wen we stopped we got to a lily-pad pond then sunflower thought of an idea, and gave peashooter a note with said why don’t we collect lily pads and then sailed away. So gathered lily pads, we went to the side of the beech, placed the lily pads and then hoped on then and sailed away in to the ocean.

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