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anzac day summary

Norman Myer was born Nahum in a shtetl which is a small town with a Jewish population, which was near tatarsk. Normans dad died when he was six months old. In 1912 Norman went to Wesley college a secondary school. In June 1916 Norman enlisted in the Australia Imperial force at 19 years of age. Norman enlisted as a Russian citizen, in October 1916 he went from Melbourne with a reinforcement group for the 8th field artillery brigade on boat to England. The boat was called the HMAT Ulysses. On board the boat Norman participated in boxing matches and won the ship’s boxing championship. He had excelled at boxing in his school days. Norman was posted to France to serve in the divisional ammunition column, he served on the western front as a gunner on the quick firing 18-pound field gun. At the end of the armistice Norman was training at the artillery cadet school at Preston barracks in England.in 1919 Norman was promoted to the second lieutenant then lieutenant. the following year his army appointment expired. Norman then started working at the Myer emporium’s Bourke street store. When Norman Myer died in 1956 from cancer after he died he was known as “Australia’s biggest Shoekeeper.”