the hunted mansion

Creak…as Joe walked through the doors. Joe needed to go to the storage room to get some stuff. Roooaaarrrrrrr!!!!!! As a monster runs into the room Joe runs as fast as he can to the room.  He slams the door shut behind him looking for something to defend himself. He sees a gun and grabs it.  The monster slams through the door .  Joe fires the gun, kapow!!! It was a sonic boom gun. He run to another room but it’s empty…what a surprise! He realises that this was just a trick so he runs out of the mansion and never comes back again.

One thought on “the hunted mansion

  1. First, I have to say I love the design of your page! Very cool! Second I liked your story very much! I was so caught up in your almost narrow escape that I didn’t expect the empty room!

    Great job!

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