Harmony Day👳‍♂️👳‍♀️🤴👸👮‍♂️👮‍♀️🕵️‍♂️🕵️‍♀️💂‍♂️💂‍♀️👷‍♂️👷‍♀️👨‍⚕️👩‍⚕️👩‍🎓👨‍🎓

Harmony day it is when we all com together with friendship, its olso wen we do not hut etch other. we are all different but we are all the same in, sum ways.

the hunted mansion

Creak…as Joe walked through the doors. Joe needed to go to the storage room to get some stuff. Roooaaarrrrrrr!!!!!! As a monster runs into the room Joe runs as fast as he can to the room.  He slams the door shut behind him looking for something to defend himself. He sees a gun and grabs it.  The monster slams through the door .  Joe fires the gun, kapow!!! It was a sonic boom gun. He run to another room but it’s empty…what a surprise! He realises that this was just a trick so he runs out of the mansion and never comes back again.

spelling quiz

This is my scratch quiz that i made

Game still in progress sorry almost finished.👨‍🚒👩‍🚒👨‍🚒👨‍🚒🖐🖐


I went to the shop skipping along and then an explosion happen behind me. I had to run as fast as i could to escape the blast. I got to the shops i ran inside then i went to the pineapple lane there was pineapple vinegar the vinegar was to sharp. Then i went to the dragon vinegar lane and this time it was to sour. i went to the last lane it was the yurt lane tasted the vinegar it was soo good i ran out of the shop escaping the blast of this guy i ran out of the shop the way home